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Many smart card based remote authentication schemes have been proposed to preserve user privacy against eavesdropper. However, none of the exiting scheme provides both users’ anonymity to server and traceability to the malicious user. In this paper, we present a scheme that preserve user anonymity not only against outside attackers, but also against the(More)
This paper first present a new general completely perturbed compressed sensing (CS) model y=(A+E)(x+u)+e,called noise folding based on general completely perturbed CS system, where y ∈ Rm, u ∈ Rm, u 6= 0, e ∈ Rm, A ∈ Rm×n, m ≪ n, E ∈ Rm×n with incorporating general nonzero perturbation E to sensing matrix A and noise u into signal x simultaneously based on(More)
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