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An iterative regularization path with structural sparsity is proposed in this paper based on variable splitting and the Linearized Bregman Iteration, hence called Split LBI. Despite its simplicity, Split LBI outperforms the popular generalized Lasso in both theory and experiments. A theory of path consistency is presented that equipped with a proper early(More)
In voxel-based neuroimage analysis, lesion features have been the main focus in disease prediction due to their interpretability with respect to the related diseases. However, we observe that there exists another type of features introduced during the preprocessing steps and we call them “Procedural Bias”. Besides, such bias can be leveraged to improve(More)
Crystallization is the formulation of a material in the solid state, it is a core separation and purification technology in major sectors of chemical process industry because the crystalline material is formed from a fluid phase. The vast majority of crystallization operations are performed in batch mode, which is most suitable when the production is(More)
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