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The role of psychological pain in the risk of suicide was explored using a three-dimensional psychological pain model (pain arousal, painful feelings, pain avoidance). The sample consisted of 111 outpatients with major depressive episodes, including 28 individuals with suicidal histories. They completed the Chinese version of the Beck Scale for Suicide(More)
In recent years, many location service protocols have been developed for ad hoc networks, including the grid location service (GLS), the simple location service (SLS) and the legend exchange and augmentation protocol (LEAP). In all of the existing location services, when an MN's location is needed, the previously saved information in the location table is(More)
OBJECTIVES Psychological pain may be helpful in conceptualizing suicidal behavior, in that high motivation to avoid pain combined with painful feelings may contribute to an increased risk of suicide. However, no experimental study has tested this hypothesis. The aim of the present study is to provide empirical evidence for the relationship between(More)
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