Xinwang Zhang

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A dual-mode wideband reconfigurable lowpass /complex bandpass continuous-time sigma-delta (LP/CBP CT &#x03A3;&#x0394;) modulator with digitally-assisting integrated in a zero/ low-IF SDR receiver is presented. The proposed modulator is capable of switching in either 3<sup>rd</sup>-order LP or 2<sup>nd</sup>-order CBP with 10MHz bandwidth (BW) in each mode.(More)
A 8.12mm<sup>2</sup> 0.1-4GHz receiver and 0.1~6GHz transmitter with reconfigurable 10~100MHz signal bandwidth in 65nm CMOS is presented. Rx features two single-ended LNAs in parallel, passive current down-conversion with 25% duty-cycle LOs, 5th/7th-order reconfigurable baseband filtering and IIP2/frequency tuning/IQ calibration. It achieves NF of 3~8dB(More)
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