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Measuring the experience of audience of arts events is essential in the "experience economy" of this day and age, but it is a difficult task. The value of such information goes beyond evaluating the impact of the arts, as it can provide insights and feedback to enhance the work of artists and the experiences of other audience members. Through in-depth(More)
Bond pad sidewall polymer removal in a thick passivation device was attempted using different approaches, longer NE111 clean, 250°C bake and high temperature (HT) NE111 clean. SLAT methodology was adopted to evaluate the Al bond pad quality due to F-content on the bond pad surfaces during long term wafer storage. Both for 250°C bake and(More)
This paper describes a wafer-level Reliability test methodology for Al bond pad corrosion due to long term wafer storage even in a controlled environment, such as N2 cabinet or vacuum packaged wafer box. The sensitivity of such a reliability test very much depends on how well it captures fluorine contaminant and moisture, the two key determinants of Al pad(More)
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