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A novel method using a fuzzy practicable interval to characterize non-statistical uncertainty in dynamic measurement is proposed. The method permits the uncertainty being estimated under the conditions that the number of measurements is very small and the probability distribution unknown. The feasibility of the method is validated by computer-simulation(More)
In recent decades, with the unlimited use of fossil fuels, energy crisis has come. This is especially true for developing countries because of the increasing population and pollution. In this condition, new energy sources are becoming essential, which may be needed to alleviate energy sources pressure and promote economic development in the developing(More)
Poor information means incomplete and insufficient information, such as small sample and unknown distribution. For point estimation under the condition of poor information, the statistical methods relied on large sample sizes and known distributions may become ineffective. For this end, a fusion method is proposed. The fusion method develops five methods,(More)
The development and application of digital product were introduced. According to the analysis of Design for Assembly (DFA), Digital Pre-Assembly technology and digital assembly process planning and simulation validation, the concept of Digital Planning Validation (DPV) is put forward, and its performance steps, methods and work flow were illuminated. DPV(More)
Slewing ring with negative clearance is used as blade bearing in wind turbine. Negative clearance dramatically increase contact forces between balls and raceways. Existing methods for calculating loads between raceway and balls in four contact-point slewing ring suppose that the raceways are rigid and only assume elastic deformations of rolling elements.(More)
According to the analysis of modeling, planning and simulating for discrete manufacturing system, Integration system framework of Digital Factory’ planning and simulating was put forward. We have researched the Object-Oriented Modeling method for Digital Factory system and the operation mechanism of manufacture process simulating. Based on the(More)
Based on fuzzy-set theory, a method is considered for estimating and forecasting the performance parameters of a system under the condition of unknown probability distribution and small sample. Some concepts including point estimation, interval estimation, optimal level, empirical probability distribution and confidence level are recommended. The(More)
In order to ensure the product quality and save manufacturing costs, growing attention has been paid to the problem of the stability of the manufacturing process with unknown probability distribution and trend. Considering that the stability of the manufacturing process is uncertain and its variation trend is unknown in the practical production, the(More)
Based on the fuzzy set theory and the norm theory, the fuzzy norm method is proposed to solve some of problems about interval estimation under the condition of poor information system with unknown probability distributions and small samples. By extracting difference value information from data series, the membership function and empirical distribution(More)