Xintao Duan

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Image manipulation has become commonplace in today's social context. One of the most common types of image forgeries is image compositing. In recent years, researchers have proposed various methods for detecting such splicing. Most prior approaches to detecting blur post-processing operation suffer from their inability to identify the spliced region when(More)
Blind separation of permuted alias image was a new type of single channel blind separation, which was fundamentally different from traditional single channel blind separation in theory and method. In this paper, a blind separation algorithm based on four-phase-difference and differential evolution was proposed for a type of permuted alias image with blur(More)
This letter investigates a serially concatenated convolutional coded M-ary continuous phase modulation (CPM). Using the decomposition model of a CPM system, the soft-input-soft-output detectors for M-ary CPM is investigated in detail. Based on these, the performance of bit-interleaved coded-modulation (BICM) schemes is studied. Simulation results show that(More)
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