Xinsong Huang

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The brookite phase of TiO(2) is hardly prepared and rarely studied in comparison with the common anatase and rutile phases. In addition, there exist immense controversies over the cognition of the light-induced liveliness of this material. Here, a novel, low-basicity solution chemistry method was first used to prepare homogeneous high-quality brookite(More)
Multicomponent spinel metal-oxide assembled mesoporous microspheres, promising anode materials for Li-ion batteries with superior electrochemical performance, are usually obtained using different kinds of precursors followed by high-temperature post-treatments. Nevertheless, high-temperature calcinations often cause primary particles to aggregate and(More)
A novel heterostructure was first synthesized by directly depositing photocatalytic inert ZnO2 onto facet {201} of brookite nanorods. The heterostructure thus obtained was found to show a superior photocatalytic activity under UV-light irradiation. The exceptional photocatalytic performance was due to the band-structure match between ZnO2 and brookite as(More)
Catalysts are urgently needed to remove the residual CO in hydrogen feeds through selective oxidation for large-scale applications of hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cells. We herein propose a new methodology that anchors high concentration oxygen vacancies at interface by designing a CeO2-x/Cu hybrid catalyst with enhanced preferential CO oxidation(More)
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