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The emergy concept, integrated with a multi-objective linear programming method, was used to model the agricultural structure of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region under the consideration of the need to develop a low-carbon economy. The emergy indices before and after the structural optimization were evaluated. In the reconstructed model, the proportions of(More)
Liaotung oak (strictly named as Quercus wutaishanica Mayr, but usually called Q. liaotungensis Koidz) is the main dominant tree species in deciduous broad-leaved forests and mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests occupying the warm-temperate zone and temperate zone of China. It plays important roles in soil and water conservation. We collected occurrence(More)
To better understand how warming, increased precipitation and their interactions influence community structure and composition, a field experiment simulating hydrothermal interactions was conducted at an annual forb dominated desert steppe in northern China over 2 years. Increased precipitation increased species richness while warming significantly(More)
Karst ecosystems are important landscape types that cover about 12% of the world's land area. The role of karst ecosystems in the global carbon cycle remains unclear, due to the lack of an appropriate method for determining the thickness of the solum, a representative sampling of the soil and data of organic carbon stocks at the ecosystem level. The karst(More)
Soil respiration in forest plantations can be greatly affected by management practices such as irrigation. In northwest China, soil water is usually a limiting factor for the development of forest plantations. This study aims to examine the effects of irrigation intensity on soil respiration from three poplar clone plantations in this arid area. The(More)
  • Charusheela Vasantrao Torawane, K. Poonkavithai, +4 authors M. Younas
  • 2016
Graphical-user interface (GUI)-based software applications are with the job of verifying that these tasks can be performed using the software; and that the software does not "behave badly". A set of use cases with high-level descriptions is also given to the testers. The tester executes these high-level steps by using GUI widgets on which events can be(More)
Inner Mongolia is among the most important regions in terms of contribution to the socio-economic development of China. Furthermore, its grassland is a major ecological barrier for Northern China. The present study evaluates the changes in ecosystem services availability and human wellbeing based on a survey on864 herdsmen of the grassland and 20(More)
Plantainoside D (PD) is a potential anti-hypertensive active ingredient newly isolated from the dried plants of Chirita longgangensis var. hongyao. A sensitive and specific LC-ESI-MS/MS method was first developed and validated for the analysis of PD in rat plasma using genistein as the internal standard (IS). The plasma samples were pretreated with(More)
The paper took Nileke forest farm in western Tianshan Mountain as the test site, the reflecting spectral curve of the typical plant was measured using the portable outdoor spectrum radiometer. The reflectance spectral characteristics of vegetation were analyzed. Using spectral differential technology, different age classes of Picea Schrenkiana var.(More)
Manasi River basin is located in the north foot of Tianshan Mountain, south edge of Zhunger Basin, central-north Xinjiang province, with typical arid features of northern China. As the pressure on water resources in Manasi river basin is mounting because of rapid economic development, its conservation becomes ever more important. Climate change is another(More)
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