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Significant studies about Tamarix chinensis as an introduced invasive plant species have been implemented in North America. However, the response of native T. chinensis to its environment is not well known in China. T. chinensis is a useful species in preventing sea water intrusion in coastal areas of northern China. It is necessary to fully understand the(More)
In gram-negative bacteria, the assembly of outer membrane proteins (OMPs) requires a β-barrel assembly machinery (BAM) complex, of which BamA is an essential and evolutionarily conserved component. To elucidate the mechanism of BamA-mediated OMP biogenesis, we determined the crystal structure of the C-terminal transmembrane domain of BamA from Escherichia(More)
Stilbazolium dimers were designed and synthesized in which methylene groups of different lengths link the two chromophores. The second-order nonlinear optical property has been detected from their Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers. Photocurrent generation as well as other photophysical properties such as absorption and fluorescence were investigated. Comparing(More)
This paper presents an adaptive frame length mechanism based on a cross-layer analysis of intrinsic relations between the MAC frame length, bit error rate (BER) of the wireless link and normalized goodput. The proposed mechanism selects the optimal frame length that keeps the service normalized goodput at required levels while satisfying the lowest(More)
Capacity dimensioning is one of the key problems in wireless network planning. Analytical and simulation methods are usually used to pursue the accurate capacity dimensioning of wireless network. In this paper, an analytical capacity dimensioning method for WCDMA with high speed wireless link is proposed based on the analysis on relations among system(More)
The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River basin have the most representative and largest concentration of freshwater lakes in China. However, the size and number of these lakes have changed considerably over the past century due to the natural and anthropogenic impact. The lakes, larger than 10 km(2) in size, were chosen from relief maps and(More)
Using a large phage antibody library, a protein microarray spotted directly with phage-displayed antibody clones was created to discriminate between recognition profiles of samples from healthy donors and leukemia patients. The protocol for preparing antibody-displaying phage chips was presented. Some conditions such as substrates and blocking buffers were(More)
Femtocells, which provide an improved SINR for user equipment (UE) inside homes and offices, have been widely deployed jointly with macrocells in heterogeneous networks (Het-Net). With self-configuration and self-optimization functionalities of self-organization networks (SONs), femtocells can minimize the impact on macro cellular network by adapting(More)
G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) activate mitogen-activated protein kinases through a number of distinct pathways in cells. Increasing evidence has suggested that endosomal signaling has an important role in receptor signal transduction. Here we investigated the involvement of endocytosis in α(1A)-adrenergic receptor (α(1A)-AR)-induced activation of(More)