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Most research work in the area of wireless ad-hoc networks attempts to balance the trade-off between fairness and channel utilization. In this paper, we first propose a topologyindependent methodology to predict maximum achievable channel utilization under fairness constraint by two performance bounds. Based on the notion of bottlenecks introduced in(More)
This paper proposes a novel patch synthesis approach for exemplar-based propagation in image in painting. Currently, plural non-local exemplar patches synthesis is widely adopted to fill missing pixels. It generally provides good results, but sometimes shows poor visual quality due to dissimilarity between exemplars and targets. In this paper, a(More)
Inpainting refers to the art of restoring lost elements of image and reconstructing them from the background data. Filling the region of missing data of a picture from the data of the encompassing and reconstructing the image is that the basic work of Image Inpainting algorithms. Here in this paper we have compared two techniques for image inpainting namely(More)
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