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One of key issues that affect the universal adoption of the RFID system is the tag collision. The protocols in the frame slot ALOHA and the binary tree families work clumsily in the collision resolution of dense RFID tags. A hybrid protocol, query tree dynamic frame slot ALOHA (QTDFSA) is proposed to work in dense tag environment. Based on data gathered and(More)
Rapid tag collision resolution is a key for the universal adoption of the RFID systems. Based on the function devised to map the tag identifiers and query strings to real values in [0, 1), an Enhanced Binary Query Protocol (EBQP) is proposed. During collision resolution, according to the number of tags identified and the mapped value of the binary query(More)
One of the key issues that affect the universal application of RFID system is the collision caused by that multiple tags try to transmit their data simultaneously through the air interface. Although frame slot ALOHA based and splitting tree based collision resolution protocols are widely adopted, for the resolution of different number of tags, these(More)
The last few years have witnessed the emergence of RFID system in a lot of application fields. However, a key issue that affects the universal deployments of the RFID system is the the tag collisions, which are caused by that multiple tags tries to transmit their digital identifiers through the air interface simultaneously. In this paper, a biased query(More)
Free surfaces have been known to significantly influence the crystallization of tetrahedral liquids. However, a comprehensive understanding of the influence mechanism is still lacking at present. By employing molecular dynamics simulations, we find that the nucleation probability in nanoscale silicon films and droplets exhibits a ripple-like distribution(More)
In the recent few years, the UFH RFID systems which work in the frequency range between 860MHz and 960MHz have been widely adopted in real deployments and applications, and accordingly the EPC Gen-2 protocol is proposed as an international standard to resolve the tag collisions occurred in such system. In this paper, based on the stochastic distribution(More)