Xinqing Sheng

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Millimeter-wave (MMW) radar, which is used for road feature recognition, has performance that is superior to optical cameras in terms of robustness in different weather and lighting conditions, as well as providing ranging capabilities. However, the signatures of road features in MMW radar images are quite different from that of optical images, and even(More)
From the view of electromagnetic scattering, it is indicated that the micro-Doppler (m-D) characteristics of an extended target undergoing micro-motions are actually induced by the change of incident directions of radar pulses. Different micro-motions may lead to similar change of incident directions, consequently inducing similar m-D characteristics. To(More)
Prediction of the stress on the surface of an arbitrarily shaped particle of soft material is essential in the study of elastic properties of the particles with optical force. It is also necessary in the manipulation and sorting of small particles with optical tweezers, since a regular-shaped particle, such as a sphere, may be deformed under the nonuniform(More)
Due to special characteristics of nondiffraction and self reconstruction, the Bessel beams have attracted wide attention in optical trapping and appear to be a dramatic alternative to Gaussian beams. We present in this paper an efficient approach based on the surface integral equations (SIE) to compute the radiation pressure force (RPF) exerted on arbitrary(More)
We present the first study of Q-switched Alexandrite lasers under continuous-wave diode-pumping with operation up to 10 kHz repetition rates in TEM<sub>00</sub>, with spatial quality M<sup>2</sup> 1.15. With a pulsed-diode dual-end-pumped design, pulse energy is scaled to a record level of 3 mJ. We also demonstrate, for the first time, cavity-dumped(More)
The surface integral equation (SIE) method is used for the computational study of radiation torque on arbitrarily shaped homogeneous particles. The Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) is employed to reduce memory requirements and improve the capability of SIE. The resultant matrix equations are solved iteratively to obtain equivalent electric and(More)
A full-wave numerical method based on the surface integral equation for computing radiation pressure force (RPF) exerted by a shaped light beam on arbitrary shaped homogenous particles is presented. The multilevel fast multipole algorithm is employed to reduce memory requirement and to improve its capability. The resultant matrix equation is solved by using(More)
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