Xinqin Han

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We evaluated a 4-year data set (July 2003 to June 2007) to assess the trophic state and its limiting factors of Three-Gorges Reservoir (TGR), China, a large subtropical reservoir. Based on Carlson-type trophic state index (TSI)(CHL), the trophic state of the system was oligotrophic (TSI(S) < 40) in most months after the reservoir became operational,(More)
Limnologists have regarded temporal coherence (synchrony) as a powerful tool for identifying the relative importance of local-scale regulators and regional climatic drivers on lake ecosystems. Limnological studies on Asian reservoirs have emphasized that climate and hydrology under the influences of monsoon are dominant factors regulating seasonal patterns(More)
The Three Gorges Dam was built in 2005 with a storage capacity of 39.3 billion m3, ranking 22nd in the world. However, since the impoundment of the reservoir, serious blooms of phytoplankton have occurred. Rotifers, having a key role in the freshwater aquatic food web, are important grazers of phytoplankton and an essential food resource to higher trophic(More)
Seasonal fluctuations of phytoplankton have often been regarded as one of the important cyclic events in aquatic ecosystems, and have even been emphasized as an important sign of regional climatic variability in limnology. However, few attempts have been made to examine synchrony for phytoplankton fluctuations among different habitats in a single reservoir(More)
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