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—Traditional interaction testing aims to build test suites that cover all t-way interactions of inputs. But in many test scenarios, the entire test suites cannot be fully run due to the limited budget. Therefore it is necessary to take the importance of interactions into account and prioritize these tests of the test suite. In the paper, we use the hybrid(More)
Inverted pendulum system is a typical rapid, multivariable, nonlinear, absolute instability and non-minimum phase system, and it is a favorite problem in the field of control theory and application. In its control, the current main control method includes in fuzzy control, variable structure control and robust control etc. For fuzzy control of a double(More)
Since automated fault localization can improve the efficiency of both the testing and debugging process, it is an important technique for the development of reliable software. This paper proposes a novel fault localization approach based on multi-level similarity of execution traces, which is suitable for object-oriented software. It selects useful test(More)
—Aggregate production planning for highly re– entrant production processes is typically generated by finding optimal release rates based on clearing function models. For production processes with very long cycle times, like in semiconductor production, dispatch policies are used to cover short term fluctuations. We extend the concept of a clearing function(More)