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Residents of the Tibetan Plateau show heritable adaptations to extreme altitude. We sequenced 50 exomes of ethnic Tibetans, encompassing coding sequences of 92% of human genes, with an average coverage of 18x per individual. Genes showing population-specific allele frequency changes, which represent strong candidates for altitude adaptation, were(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to compare in a prospective blinded study the cognitive and mood effects of subthalamic nucleus (STN) vs. globus pallidus interna (GPi) deep brain stimulation (DBS) in Parkinson disease. METHODS Fifty-two subjects were randomized to unilateral STN or GPi DBS. The co-primary outcome measures were the Visual Analog Mood Scale, and(More)
Crude oils from different sources have quite different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) distributions. Also, many PAH compounds are more resistant to weathering than their saturated counterparts (n-alkanes and isoprenoids) and volatile alkylbenzene compounds, thus PAils become one of the most valuable classes of hydrocarbons for oil identification(More)
As one of the major pathogens, bovine viral diarrhea virus caused a significant economic loss to the livestock industry worldwide. Although BVDV infections have increasingly been reported in China in recent years, the molecular aspects of those BVDV strains were barely characterized. In this study, we reported the identification and characterization of a(More)
Understanding the distribution of organic/inorganic carbon storage in soil profile is crucial for assessing regional, continental and global soil C stores and predicting the consequences of global change. However, little is known about the organic/inorganic carbon storages in deep soil layers at various landscapes. This study was conducted to determine the(More)
BACKGROUND Studies generally do not examine patients' prestroke depression diagnoses and treatments. OBJECTIVE To examine the association of depression diagnosis and prestroke and/or poststroke selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) treatment with poststroke mortality. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study of the medical records of a cohort(More)
The amelogenin gene contributes the majority of tooth enamel proteins and plays a significant role in enamel biomineralization. While several mammalian and reptilian amelogenins have been cloned and sequenced, basal vertebrate amelogenin evolution remains to be understood. In order to start elucidating the structure and function of amelogenins in the(More)
We assessed a home monitoring/care coordination programme for veterans with diabetes. Patients enrolled in the programme (n = 387) were followed for four years and compared with a retrospective control group (n = 387). Each patient in the intervention group used a messaging device in the home that was connected by a conventional telephone line. Care(More)
In this study, a virus strain designated as HY12 was isolated from cattle with a disease of high morbidity and mortality in Jilin province. Biological and physiochemical properties showed that HY12 isolates is cytopathic with an extremely high infectivity. HY12 is resistant to treatment of organic solvent and acid, and unstable at 60°C for 1 h. Electron(More)
In this paper, a series of poly(styrene-b-isoprene-b-styrene) triblock copolymers (SIS), with different chemical components, was synthesized by anionic polymerization. The relationships between surface structures of these block copolymers and their stick-slip phenomena were investigated. There is a transition from stick-slip to a closely smooth motion for(More)