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We report a novel system for the accurate measurement of all polarization related parameters, including polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss, using binary magneto-optic polarization rotators. By taking advantage of the binary nature of the rotators, we achieved unprecedented DGD, SOPMD, and PDL accuracies of 2.6 fs, 1.39ps(2), and(More)
We describe a novel method based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) for the accurate measurement of the refractive index of in vitro human teeth. We obtain the refractive indices of enamel, dentin, and cementum to be 1.631+/-0.007, 1.540+/-0.013, and 1.582+/-0.010, respectively. The profile of the refractive index is readily obtained via an OCT B scan(More)
We report an all solid-state polarization-state generator that uses magneto-optic polarization rotators. The device can generate either five or six distinctive polarization states uniformly across a Poincaré sphere with repeatability better than 0.1 degrees. It is ideal for polarization analysis, swept-wavelength measurement, and monitoring of(More)
We present a novel method to achieve a space-resolved long- range vibration detection system based on the correlation analysis of the optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) signals. By performing two separate measurements of the vibrated and non-vibrated states on a test fiber, the vibration frequency and position of a vibration event can be obtained(More)
We describe a cost effective scheme to automatically separate two polarization channels in a polarization division multiplexing (PDM) system, without having to modify the existing transmitter or receiver electronics or software. We experimentally validate the concept by achieving an extinction ratio of more than 28-dB between two demultiplexed channels.(More)
We present a simple and effective method to compensate the optical frequency tuning nonlinearity of a tunable laser source (TLS) in a long range optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) by using the deskew filter, where a frequency tuning nonlinear phase obtained from an auxiliary interferometer is used to compensate the nonlinearity effect on the(More)
A photonic approach to generate impulse ultrawideband (UWB) signals with switchable shapes and polarities based on the frequency-to-time mapping technique is proposed and demonstrated. UWB monocycle, doublet, and triplet signals with two polarities can be obtained by adjusting the switchable spectrum shaper.
For phase-related imaging modalities using interferometric techniques, it is important to develop effective method to recover phase information that is mathematically wrapped. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a two-dimensional (2D) method to achieve effective phase unwrapping in Doppler Fourier-domain (FD) optical coherence tomography (OCT), and(More)
Optical spectrum analysis and polarization analysis are not generally related by conventional wisdom. In this paper, we show that the spectrum of a light beam can be obtained using a polarimeter, with a resolution and a speed that cannot be achieved with traditional spectrum analysis methods. We experimentally demonstrate a novel polarimeter-based optical(More)