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Origin of anomalous subsidence along the Northern South China Sea margin and its relationship to dynamic topography
Abstract Mantle induced dynamic topography may have a significant effect on the accomodation space in sedimentary basins, especially close to “slab burial grounds”, but its magnitude and relevance isExpand
Stratigraphic architecture and evolution of the continental slope system in offshore Hainan, northern South China Sea
We investigate the evolution of the stratigraphic architecture of two siliciclastic northern South China Sea continental slope systems with distinct structural styles, including rift-transform andExpand
Overpressure and petroleum generation and accumulation in the Dongying Depression of the Bohaiwan Basin, China
The occurrence of abnormally high formation pressures in the Dongying Depression of the Bohaiwan Basin, a prolific oil-producing province in China, is controlled by rapid sedimentation and theExpand
Architecture and controlling factors of canyon fills on the shelf margin in the Qiongdongnan Basin, northern South China Sea
Abstract Most submarine canyons are documented as erosive features that cut deeply into the shelf margin, and are considered as important conduits for the transfer of sediment to the lower slope orExpand
Evidence for episodic expulsion of hot fluids along faults near diapiric structures of the Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea
Abstract Diapiric structures are well developed and occur in most of the central part of the Yinggehai Basin, on the western side of the South China margin. A strong thermal anomaly due to hot fluidExpand
Depositional characteristics and processes of alongslope currents related to a seamount on the northwestern margin of the Northwest Sub-Basin, South China Sea
This study infers, from 2D seismic data, the presence of a seamount-related deep-water contourite depositional system, located on the northwestern margin of the Northwest Sub-Basin of the South ChinaExpand
Structure and sediment budget of Yinggehai–Song Hong basin, South China Sea: Implications for Cenozoic tectonics and river basin reorganization in Southeast Asia
The temporal link between offshore stratigraphy and onshore topography is of key importance for understanding the long-term surface evolution of continental margins. Here we present a grid ofExpand
Hydrofracturing and Episodic Fluid Flow in Shale-Rich Basins-A Numerical Study
Low-permeability sedimentary rocks commonly are fractured. Direct examination of exposed rock faces and drill cores shows evidence of hydrofracturing. The mechanism for hydrofracturing, its effectsExpand
Three dimensional seismic anatomy of multi-stage mass transport deposits in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, northern South China Sea: Their ages and kinematics
Abstract Three superimposed Quaternary mass transport deposits (MTD1, MTD2 and MTD3) in the Pearl River Mouth Basin of the northern South China Sea are identified using high-resolution threeExpand
The segmentations and the significances of the Central Canyon System in the Qiongdongnan Basin, northern South China Sea
Abstract The submarine canyons as the important element of the source to sink have attracted the widespread interests in studying their morphologic features, stratigraphic frames, depositionalExpand