Xinnan Huang

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This paper describes a miniature high precision conductivity and temperature (CT) sensor system for ocean salinity monitoring. The CT sensor is manufactured using micro fabrication technology. A 7-electrode conductivity cell with no external field and a platinum resistor temperature bridge are used as the CT sensors. An impedance measurement circuit with(More)
A procedure of bonding III-V material to SOI at low temperature using conductive and transparent adhesive ZnO as intermediate layer is demonstrated. Bonding layer thickness of less than 100 nm was achieved in our experiment that guaranteed good light coupling efficiency between III-V and silicon. This bonding method showed good bonding strength with shear(More)
A type of modulator based on a shallow-etched photonic crystal (PC) slab of silicon-on-insulator material with electro-optic (EO) polymer cladding is designed and investigated. The transmission spectra of the PC slab with the EO polymer are calculated using a finite-difference time-domain method. The band structure and the field distribution of the guided(More)
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