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Stat3 is a member of the signal transducer and activator of transcription family, which is important in cytokine signaling. Gene ablation studies have revealed a requirement for Stat3 in diverse biological processes (Akira, S. 2000. Oncogene. 19: 2607-2611; Levy, D.E., and C.K. Lee. 2002. J. Clin. Invest. 109:1143-1148). Previously, the function of Stat3(More)
GRIM-19 was found to copurify with complex I of mitochondrial respiratory chain and subsequently was demonstrated to be involved in complex I assembly and activity. To further understand its function in complex I, we dissected its functional domains by generating a number of deletion, truncation, and point mutants. The mitochondrial localization sequences(More)
SET is a multi-functional protein in proliferating cells. Some of the proposed functions of SET suggest an important nuclear role. However, the nuclear import pathway of SET is also unknown and the function of SET in neurons is unclear. Presently, using cortical neurons, we report that the nuclear import of SET is mediated by an impalpha/impbeta-dependent(More)
The metabolism that sustains cancer cells is adapted preferentially to glycolysis, even under aerobic conditions (Warburg effect). This effect was one of the first alterations in cancer cells recognized as conferring a survival advantage. In this study, we show that gene associated with retinoid-interferon-induced mortality-19 (GRIM-19), which was(More)
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