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—This paper presents novel high-speed architectures for the hardware implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. Unlike previous works which rely on look-up tables to implement the SubBytes and InvSubBytes transformations of the AES algorithm, the proposed design employs combinational logic only. As a direct consequence, the(More)
Long BCH codes are used as the outer error-correcting code in the second generation of Digital Video Broadcasting Standard from the European Telecommunications Standard Institute. These codes can achieve around 0.6dB additional coding gain over Reed-Solomon codes with similar codeword length and code rate in long-haul optical communication systems. BCH(More)
—Non-binary low-density parity-check (NB-LDPC) codes can achieve better error-correcting performance than binary LDPC codes when the code length is moderate. For the first time, this paper proposes a partial-parallel decoder architecture based on the Min-max algorithm for quasi-cyclic NB-LDPC codes. A novel boundary tracking based scheme and corresponding(More)
—With increasing parameter variations in nanometer technologies, on-chip cache in processor is becoming highly vulnerable to runtime failures induced by " soft error, " voltage, or thermal noise and aging effects. Nondeterministic and unreliable memory operation due to these runtime failures can be addressed by: 1) designing the memory for worst-case(More)