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Cloud computing is becoming popular. Building high-quality cloud applications is a critical research problem. QoS rankings provide valuable information for making optimal cloud service selection from a set of functionally equivalent service candidates. To obtain QoS values, real-world invocations on the service candidates are usually required. To avoid the(More)
Sina Micro-blog is the first micro-blogging service in China and is growing fast in recent two years. This paper first studies the characteristics of Sina online social network and then focuses on the problem of indentifying influential users. In a dataset prepared for this study, we find an approximate power-law follower distribution and a non-power-law(More)
In hydraulic engineering fields, optimization is an important means to save investment and shorten construction time, however, traditional optimization methods based on gradient often confront with such problems as non-convergence or convergence to local optimum when it is applied in large-scale complicated hydraulic engineering problems. It is necessary to(More)
Self-organizing feature map (SOFM) was applied to analyze the stabilization of side-slope. A SOFM network model, which was trained and tested by the engineering examples, was established. The research shows that the SOFM presents excellent network performance, high prediction precision and is easy to run. As a result, the method is an effective way to(More)
The contradiction between mutable operating condition and fixed design condition of sprinkling irrigation system is analyzed and intelligent simulation and optimizing control theory and method basing on computational intelligence is put forward. Basing on the water distribution obtained from sprinkling irrigation experiment of single nozzle under different(More)
As timepsilas going on, county pipespsila aging problem is even serious, and water providing capability is coming down. Stochastic particle swarm optimization is an improvement of the standard PSO, compared with which, it can be guaranteed to converge to the global optimization solution with probability one in theory, and speed up the convergence. By using(More)
It is difficult to select influence factors when the dam's monitoring model is built, so the Akaike information criterion (AIC) used in the field of information statistics is introduced. Both the fitting to modeling data and prediction precision to other data are considered in the AIC formula. The optimization method basing on GA and AIC is introduced. The(More)
Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) are widely used for tunneling in urban areas because of their high advance rate, precise as-built profile and minimal impact to buildings and traffic on the ground. For a tunnel built by a TBM, there are strict requirements on alignment control and safety. To meet these requirements, it is important to monitor the position of(More)
Basing on the GA method, hysteresis time of piezometric tube is calculated according to the linear correlation between the reservoir level and piezometric tube level when the hysteresis time is deducted. Radial Basis Function (RBF) is used to simulate process between reservoir level and piezometric tube level. The influence of width parameter to fit and(More)