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Dielectric elastomer (DE) is a type of electroactive polymer with large strain, fast response and high efficiency, and is thought to be a promising actuation and sensing material for new device and structure. Three strain energy forms are studied for DE actuation modeling. Also, uniaxial extension experiment and plane circular actuator actuation experiment(More)
Dielectric elastomer behaves similarly to the muscles of animals under electric field and is known as one of artificial muscles. It shows great application potentials in the field of small biomimetic robots. Due to its high voltage driving and very soft or very large strain properties, it is difficult and dangerous to test deformation and strain of(More)
Dielectric Elastomer is considered as a kind of promising biomimetic actuator material which behaves similar to human muscle and can produce significantly large strain at high pre-stretch. It generated considerable interests in recent years for use in robotics and mechatronic applications. This paper is mainly on fundamental planar actuation experiment from(More)
Polyacrylate dielectric elastomer is a smart actuation material within the family of EAP artificial muscles. Its discrete actuation property makes it promising for binary robotics and discrete robotic devices. Compared with electrostatic modeling, the mechanical behavior is more complicated due to both material and geometric unlinearity of the dielectric(More)
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