Xinlu Zong

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Evacuation planning is a fundamental requirement to ensure that most people can be evacuated to a safe area when a natural accident or an intentional act happens in a stadium environment. The central challenge in evacuation planning is to determine the optimum evacuation routing to safe areas. We describe the evacuation network within a stadium as a(More)
Evacuation route planning is one of the most crucial tasks for solving massive evacuation problem. In large public places, pedestrians should be transferred to safe areas when nature or man-made accidents happen. A multi-objective ant colony algorithm for massive pedestrian evacuation is presented in this paper. In the algorithm, three objectives, total(More)
Keywords: Simulation Pedestrian–vehicle mixed evacuation Discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm Temporal–spatial conflict Temporal–spatial congestion a b s t r a c t A simulation model based on temporal–spatial conflict and congestion for pedestrian–vehicle mixed evacuation has been investigated. Assuming certain spatial behaviors of individuals(More)
In this paper an adaptive wavelet kernel based on density SVM approach for P2P traffic classification is presented. The model combines the multi-scale learning ability of wavelet kernel and the advantages of support vector machine. Mexican hat wavelet function is used to build SVM kernel function. The wavelet kernel function is tuned adaptively according to(More)