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Secure collaboration in global design and supply chain environment: Problem analysis and literature review
Increasing global competition has led to massive outsourcing of manufacturing businesses. Such outsourcing practices require effective collaborations between focal manufacturers and their suppliersExpand
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Mitigating the risk of information leakage in a two-level supply chain through optimal supplier selection
Information leakage in supply chains is drawing more and more attention in supply chain management. Unlike existing research, which usually focuses on the effect of information leakage on the supplyExpand
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Detecting Risk of Intellectual Property (IP) Leakage due to Reverse Design in Collaborative Product Development Environments
Intellectual Property (IP) leakage during collaborative product development is drawing more and more attentions nowadays. Unlike most of existingresearch, which is focused on the effect of IP leakageExpand
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Determining a fractional Helmholtz system with unknown source and medium parameter
We are concerned with an inverse problem associated with the fractional Helmholtz system that arises from the study of viscoacoustics in geophysics and thermoviscous modelling of lossy media. We areExpand
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Simultaneously recovering potentials and embedded obstacles for anisotropic fractional Schr\"odinger operators
Let $A\in\mathrm{Sym}(n\times n)$ be an elliptic 2-tensor. Consider the anisotropic fractional Schr\"odinger operator $\mathscr{L}_A^s+q$, where $\mathscr{L}_A^s:=(-\nabla\cdot(A(x)\nabla))^s$, $s\inExpand
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Determining a piecewise conductive medium body by a single far-field measurement.
We are concerned with the inverse problem of recovering a conductive medium body. The conductive medium body arises in several applications of practical importance, including the modeling of anExpand
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On the geometric structures of conductive transmission eigenfunctions and its application
This paper is concerned with the intrinsic geometric structures of conductive transmission eigenfunctions. The geometric properties of interior transmission eigenfunctions were first studied in [9].Expand
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On nodal and generalized singular structures of Laplacian eigenfunctions and applications
In this paper, we present some novel and intriguing findings on the geometric structures of Laplacian eigenfunctions and their deep relationship to the quantitative behaviours of the eigenfunctions.Expand
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