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Spatial variability and distribution of N2O emissions from a tea field during the dry season in subtropical central China
Abstract The recent boom and intensification of the tea industry in subtropical central China, with its large fertiliser inputs, lead us to observe nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from tea fields toExpand
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Rice agriculture increases base flow contribution to catchment nitrate loading in subtropical central China
Abstract Base flow is recognized as an important hydrological pathway for NO3−–N export, however, the base flow contribution to NO3−–N loading in rice agriculture catchments remains unknown. In thisExpand
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Phosphorus Status and Risk of Phosphate Leaching Loss From Vegetable Soils of Different Planting Years in Suburbs of Changsha, China
Abstract The aim of the study was to develop an index to assess the environmental risk of P loss potential in vegetable soils with chronic difference of plantation in the suburbs of Changsha, HunanExpand
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Utilization and Payments of Office-Based Physical Rehabilitation Services Among Individuals With Commercial Insurance in New York State
Background Limited research exists on the utilization and payments of physical rehabilitation services, especially among individuals with commercial insurance. Objective This study aimed toExpand
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Three-dimensional spatial variability in soil microorganisms of nitrification and denitrification at a row-transect scale in a tea field
Abstract The recent boom of the tea industry in southern China is associated with large inputs of nitrogen (N) fertilizers and the significant emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O), and leads toExpand
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Measurement and modeling of nitrous and nitric oxide emissions from a tea field in subtropical central China
  • Dan Chen, Y. Li, +7 authors J. Wu
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  • Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
  • 27 January 2017
Abstract Tea fields represent an important source of nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitric oxide (NO) emissions due to high nitrogen (N) fertilizer applications and very low soil pH. To investigate theExpand
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Changes in arable land in response to township urbanization in a Chinese low hilly region: Scale effects and spatial interactions
Abstract Rapid urbanization leads to losses in arable land; quantitatively analyzing the impact of urbanization on arable land is significant for arable land management. However, changes in arableExpand
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The immediate effects of manual stretching and cervicothoracic junction manipulation on cervical range of motion and upper trapezius pressure pain thresholds.
INTRODUCTION Myofascial pain is a common impairment treated with various manual interventions including spinal thrust manipulation and stretching; however, the comparative efficacy of eachExpand
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Influence of High Temperature Interaction between Sinter and Lump Ores on the Formation Behavior of Primary-slags in Blast Furnace
The primary-slags formation behaviors of sinter, lump ores and integrated burdens were studied to explore the high temperature interaction between sinter and lump ores in blast furnace. The resultsExpand
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Pedo-transfer functions for estimating the hydraulic properties of paddy soils in subtropical central China
ABSTRACT Pedo-transfer functions (PTFs) have been widely used to estimate soil hydraulic properties in the simulation of catchment eco-hydrological processes. However, the accuracy of existing PTFsExpand
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