Xinlian Zhang

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a neural networks based approach for the identification of the rate-dependent hysteresis in the piezoelectric actuators is proposed. In this method, a hysteresis operator dependent on the change-rate of the input is proposed to extract the change-tendency and rate-dependency of the dynamic hysteresis. With the introduction of the rate-dependent hysteresis(More)
Reactive power compensation is meaningful for the stable and economic running of the electric power system. As the development of electrical and electronics technology and the instantaneous reactive power theory, an advanced static Var generator (SVG) which adopts self-adaptive phase AC circuit appears. A new SVG used in low voltage distribution system is(More)
The terminal design of a data acquisition system based on GPRS is designed in this paper. It works out the hardware design of GPRS terminal equipment, including the minimum system design based on the Samsung ARM7-core microcontroller S3C44B0X, and the hardware design adding the GPRS engine MC35i produced by Siemens and RS485 interface to the minimum system.(More)
The intelligent manipulator is installed on the mobile platform. This configuration make the manipulator possess of almost infinite workspace and the high kinetic redundancy and have the function of movement and manipulation. From this point of view, itpsilas better than the mobile robot and traditional manipulator. This paper designs the mobile control(More)
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