Xinlian Chen

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In the present study, we generated transgenic mice that overexpress catalase or CuZn superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD) in all tissues using large genomic DNA fragments. An 80 kb human genomic DNA, containing the 33 kb human CAT gene as well as the 41 kb of 5' and the 6 kb of 3' flanking regions, was obtained by screening a human P1 library and was used to(More)
The role of catalase in the antioxidant defense system was studied using transgenic mice [Tg(CAT)] harboring a human genomic clone containing the entire human CAT gene. Catalase activity was 2-fold higher in the tissues of hemizygous [Tg(CAT)(+/o)] mice and 3- to 4-fold higher in the tissues of homozygous [Tg(CAT)(+/+)] mice compared to wild type mice. The(More)
BACKGROUND Hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) has been shown to induce vascular smooth muscle cell contraction in vitro. In this study, the effect of endogenously produced H(2)O(2) on blood pressure (BP) was examined using a transgenic mouse model (hCatTg(+/0)) in which catalase is overexpressed. METHODS The hCatTg(+/0) and wild-type mice received a bolus(More)
The family Aristolochiaceae, comprising about 600 species of eight genera, is a unique plant family containing aristolochic acids (AAs). The complete chloroplast genome sequences of Aristolochia debilis and Aristolochia contorta are reported here. The results show that the complete chloroplast genomes of A. debilis and A. contorta comprise circular 159,793(More)
Dendrobium officinale is an extremely valuable orchid used in traditional Chinese medicine, so sought after that it has a higher market value than gold. Although the expression profiles of some genes involved in the polysaccharide synthesis have previously been investigated, little research has been carried out on their alternatively spliced isoforms in D.(More)
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