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  • D Xia, X Xiao, +4 authors X Pan
  • 2011
Synchrotron-radiation-based microcomputed-tomography (SR-μCT) is a powerful tool for yielding 3D structural information of high spatial and contrast resolution about a specimen preserved in its natural state. A large number of projection views are required currently for yielding SR-μCT images by use of existing algorithms without significant artifacts. When(More)
High temperature shape memory polymers that can withstand the harsh temperatures for durable applications are synthesized, and the aromatic polyimide chains with flexible linkages within the backbone act as reversible phase. High molecular weight (Mn) is demanded to form physical crosslinks as fixed phase of thermoplastic shape memory polyimide, and the(More)
High cycle-life is important for shape memory materials exposed to numerous cycles, and here we report shape memory polyimide that maintained both high shape fixity (Rf) and shape recovery (Rr) during the more than 1000 bending cycles tested. Its critical stress is 2.78 MPa at 250 °C, and the shape recovery process can produce stored energy of 0.218 J g(-1)(More)
Flexible and semi-rigid heat-shrinkable tubes (HSTs) have been used in thousands of applications, and here rigid high temperature HSTs are reported for the first time. These rigid HSTs are prepared with shape memory polyimides possessing glass transition temperatures (Tgs) from 182 to 295 °C, and the relationships between Tg and their molecular structures(More)
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