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Ryegrass pollen (Lolium species) is a widespread source of air-borne allergens and is a major cause of hayfever and seasonal allergic asthma, which affect approximately 25% of the population in cool temperate climates. The main allergens of ryegrass pollen are the proteins Lol p 1 and Lol p 2. These proteins belong to two major classes of grass pollen(More)
The workspace is a fundamental feature for a dexterous hand to grasping plan, motion control, and mechanical design. Although the graphic, numerical, or analytical methods are valid to generate the workspace of dexterous hands, but there exist several defects for these methods to describe the workspace characteristics, such as forms, boundaries, volumes,(More)
BACKGROUND Chinese medicine comprised of all natural herbs is widespread used in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy (DN). Podocyte contributes to the integrity of glomerular filtration barrier whose injury plays an important role in the initiation and progression of DN. Our study aimed to investigate the effect of Qiwei granules on podocyte lesion in(More)
The reusability of the Product Quality Tracking System is currently very poor. And the software resources’ sharing is not adequate. Because of these shortages, this paper researches on the component-based software development, and uses the idea of domain engineering to get the domain modeling of Product Quality Tracking and the DSSA (domain-specific(More)
Logistics industry is becoming a more and more important field needed to be concentrated for all kinds of enterprises to reduce their own operation cost, and shorten their delivery time and so on. How to change the complicated logistics problem into abstract network model is elucidated here. Firstly, a directed graph G = (V, E) is used to describe the(More)
On the basis of most steady state structure of rigid bodies in physical theory, this paper regards data set as physical object, and proposes a dummy digital substantiation viewpoint and some conceptions such as representative data five element groups and model restraint. Then, the algorithm of elasticity based four-point center and borderline (EFCBA) and(More)
For the Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGA development board, this paper introduced a kind of brushless motor sensorless controller based on the Actel Fusion FPGA, with the three-phase BLDC drive circuit, achieving the continuous tone rate and jitter-free starts and stops of DC motor of the sensorless brushless, the controller has much benefits includes high(More)