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—Deployment of public wireless access points (also known as public hotspots) and the prevalence of portable computing devices has made it more convenient for people on travel to access the Internet. On the other hand, it also generates large privacy concerns due to the open environment. However, most users are neglecting the privacy threats because(More)
—With the proliferation of sensor-embedded mobile computing devices, participatory sensing is becoming popular to collect information from and outsource tasks to participating users. These applications deal with a lot of personal information, e.g., users' identities and locations at a specific time. Therefore, we need to pay a deeper attention to privacy(More)
Mobile sensing is becoming a popular paradigm to collect information from and outsource tasks to mobile users. These applications deal with lot of personal information, e.g., identity and location. Therefore, we need to pay a deeper attention to privacy and anonymity. However, the knowledge of the data source is desired to evaluate the trustworthiness of(More)
This research explores applications of joint letter-phoneme subwords, known as gra-phones, in several domains to enable detection and recognition of previously unknown words. For these experiments, graphones models are integrated into the SUMMIT speech recognition framework. First, graphones are applied to automatically generate pronunciations of restaurant(More)
—Entities in an information communication network may use various types of collaborative networking for sharing information such as documents, sensing reports, datasets, etc. The derivation history (i.e., the provenance) of the information plays a very important role in such a networking environment. For example, provenance can be used for information(More)
With cloud computing applications and research at home and abroad continue to advance cloud computing platform for users and data exchange between the greater the amount of user data transmission and storage a security threat, a cloud computing security is an important issue to be resolved. In this paper, all with state of encryption technology, presents a(More)
Eclipse and Netbeans are two top of the line Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for Java development. Both of them provide support for a wide variety of development tasks and have a large user base. This paper provides an analysis and comparison for the compatibility and stability of Eclipse and Netbeans on the three most commonly used operating(More)
In order to realize the sharing of medical information, coordination of medical, as well as the efficient and cost-effective health information system through the construction of a distributed and high-integrated platform, the medical and health information system infrastructure based on the cloud computing is proposed. And three kinds of application mode,(More)
Cloud computing is rapidly growing. Still there is need to enhance the cloud computing in terms of availability and security aspects of Cloud service. When we talks about cloud computing, it means we have ability to share the resources through internet. We can store our data on internet space that is provided by service provider. This totally depends upon(More)
Location-based services are quickly becoming immensely popular. In addition to services based on users' current location, many potential services rely on users' location history, or their spatial-temporal provenance. Malicious users may lie about their spatial-temporal provenance without a carefully designed security system for users to prove their past(More)