Xinlan Jiang

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With the rapid development of high-speed railway, the safety of railway becomes extremely important. Video is a direct and effective manner for monitoring railway environment, but it is easily affected by weather condition and ambient light. Therefore the security risks are hidden in the low light condition and difficult to identify. In this paper, we(More)
Vision based inspection system, as an effective rail head surface defect detection method, is widely used. However, the rail images taken by the imaging system might be blurred, and it restricts the recognition accuracy. In this paper, we proposed an effective deblurring method: learned partial differential equation (L-PDE) for Gaussian-blur images, which(More)
In this paper, an agricultural SMS (Short Message Service) management system is constructed based on a platform of GSM modem to send and receive short messages. The platform will create tables in database that store short messages and provide interface for agricultural short message management system. Users can send request of query to the platform in short(More)
Aiming at the current status of the agricultural information service business, this paper elaborates the characteristics of the agricultural short-message resources, and puts forward a kind of framework and a design method that sets up the agricultural short-message management system, and the key technique of carrying out the system. Especially in the(More)
This paper presents a development program of the online declaration and approval system. The system is against the government's functional departments-oriented online community to declaration and approval. System using MVC Framework achieve the administrative declaration and approval and external services, thus simplifying declaration and approval(More)
In recent years, the agricultural information network construction has made a great progress in China. With the level of network openness improved, the probability of network attacked is increasing. So, it needs a higher demand for network stability and security. Through analyzing the status quo of agricultural information network security and network(More)
In this paper, an Integrated Farm Information Management System (IFIMS) is constructed through analyzing the mechanism and characteristics of Component GIS. On the basis of the B/S architecture, a development pattern that integrated Microsoft .NET platform and the component SuperMap is applied to the system according to the requirements of farm production.(More)
In this paper, we present a method of estimating the vanishing point from the railway environment images. Vanishing point plays a very important role in the machine vision based railway-environment surveillance methods, e.g. estimating the pose of the camera, video segmentation and panorama. In the application of railway-environment surveillance, we most(More)
In this paper, we present a method of estimating the attitude of the camera, i.e. the angle between the optical axis and the direction of the camera's motion, from the image. For the machine vision based railway-environment-surveillance methods, the alignment between the world coordinate system and the camera coordinate system is very important. The(More)
Environmental protection is China's fourth most important social issue, after healthcare, employment and the income gap. Especially for power factories, they become highlights of all pollution resources. In China, an online bag filter automatic monitor system for primary pollution sources is implemented and adopted in Inner Mongolia. This paper introduces(More)