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Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccon PI94668 and PI349045 were identified as containing null alleles at Glu-A1 and Glu-B1 loci in previous investigation. Sequencing of the respective HMW-GS genes Ax, Bx, Ay and By in both accessions indicated equal DNA lengths with gene silencing caused by 1 to 4 in-frame stop codon(s) in the open reading frames. Six synthetic(More)
Three HMW-GS and the respective ORFs from diploid species Eremopyrum distans and Eremopyrum triticeum were characterized. Compared to homologous proteins, they showed novel modifications in all domains. In the N-terminals, the y subunit from Er. triticeum (Xey) had 98 aa residues. A short G/IIFWGTS peptide deletion was responsible for the reduced number of(More)
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