Xinjun Wu

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Condition assessment of cables has gained considerable attention for the bridge safety. A magnetic flux leakage and magnetostrictive guided wave hybrid transducer is provided to inspect bridge cables. The similarities and differences between the two methods are investigated. The hybrid transducer for bridge cables consists of an aluminum framework, climbing(More)
The magnetostrictive guided wave sensor with a single induced winding cannot distinguish axially symmetric from non-axially symmetric features in a pipe, because it is impossible for the sensor to detect the non-axially symmetric mode waves. When we study the effect of the change of the magnetic field in the air zone for receiving the longitudinal guided(More)
A new electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) design, employing a special structure of the permanent magnet chain, is proposed to generate and receive longitudinal guided waves for pipe inspection based on the magnetostriction mechanism. Firstly, a quantitative analysis of the excitation forces shows the influence of the radial component can be ignored.(More)
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