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Fucoidan refers to a type of polysaccharide which contains substantial percentages of L-fucose and sulfate ester groups, mainly derived from brown seaweed. For the past decade fucoidan has been extensively studied due to its numerous interesting biological activities. Recently the search for new drugs has raised interest in fucoidans. In the past few years,(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a rapid, accurate, noninvasive and low cost method for screening MT3243A>G mutation in mitochondrial diabetes. METHODS Blood, saliva, and urine sediment samples were collected from 6 patients with confirmed mitochondrial diabetes and 50 healthy controls from Shanghai Children's Hospital and Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital. The(More)
With computer software and fuzzy calculation, we determined several key compounds and established fingerprint to control the stability of food products. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to establish the fingerprint chromatogram of Shenrong tonic wine to control its quality and stability, and to detect possible counterfeits. We used(More)
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