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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze the related factors of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) that would affect early kidney injury in patients with hypertension (Hyp). METHODS A total of 457 Hyp patients with nocturnal snoring were selected for polysomnography (PSG). The patients were divided into four groups according to the(More)
BACKGROUND The association of genetic polymorphisms of klotho gene with aging has not been thoroughly examined. Previous studies showed that longevity in the Uygurs was considerably greater than in Kazaks in Xinjiang. This study aimed to investigate the difference of renal function and Klotho gene polymorphisms between Kazak and Uygur normal populations in(More)
This study aimed to investigate the associations among the levels of plasma atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) and electrolytes and essential hypertension (EH) in Uygur, Han and Kazakh populations in Xinjiang. A total of 724 hypertensive participants of different ethnicities from Xinjiang (208 Uygur, 287 Han and 229 Kazakh) and 741 normal controls (208 Uygur,(More)
This open-label study investigated the long action of bisoprolol compared with metoprolol CR/ZOK for controlling the mean dynamic heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) in patients with mild-to-moderate primary hypertension. Patients from seven centers in China were treated with either bisoprolol 5 mg or metoprolol CR/ZOK 47.5 mg once daily for 12 weeks.(More)
BACKGROUND Our study is aimed to 1) clarify the vitamin D status in Uygur and Kazak ethnic populations and 2) elucidate the relationship between 14 SNPs (in 5 vitamin D-related genes) and vitamin D deficiency in these 2 ethnic populations. MATERIAL AND METHODS A multistage-cluster sampling survey was carried out for residents with Uygur or Kazak ethnicity(More)
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