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[Isolation of the capsid protein gene of maize dwarf mosaic virus and its transformation in maize].
The MDMV (Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus, MDMV) CP (Coat Protein, CP) gene was cloned by RT-PCR method and introduced into the embryonic calli derived from immature embryos of elite inbred 18-599hong andExpand
[Generation and identification of rice T-DNA insertional mutant lines].
By using the matured embryos of Japonica rice variety Zhonghua No. 11 as explants, rice transformation was performed by Agrobacterium-mediated co-cultivation method, resulting in 1489 independentExpand
Characterization of callus induction and plant regeneration in immature embryo culture among several heterotic groups of elite maize inbreds
19 maize inbreds belonging to 3 maize heterotic gruops including Reid, Tangsipingtou and compound germpasm were studied to determine the influence of genotypes, media and plant regulators on theExpand