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Nucleophosmin/B23 (NPM) is a nuclear protein with prosurvival and ribosomal RNA processing functions. However, the potential role of NPM involved in drug-resistance in leukemia has not been investigated clearly. In this study, we generated an adriamycin (ADM)-resistant lymphoblastic cell line Molt-4/ADR (MAR) by stepwise induction. Cell proliferation,(More)
Nucleophosmin, a multifunctional nucleolar phosphoprotein, is involved in many cellular activities. However, the role of NPM in drug-resistance of leukemia has not yet been explored. We designed and selected one shRNA targeting on NPM gene transduction into HL-60 and HL-60/ADR cell lines (an adriamycin resistant cell line) by lentivirus. Cell proliferation,(More)
MicroRNA-21 is dysregulated in many cancers and fibrotic diseases. Since miR-21 suppresses several tumor suppressor and anti-apoptotic genes, it is considered a cancer therapeutic target. Antisense oligonucleotides are commonly used to inhibit a miRNA; however, blocking miRNA function via an antagomir is temporary, often only achieves a partial knock-down,(More)
The development of human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) facilitates in vitro studies of human disease mechanisms, speeds up the process of drug screening, and raises the feasibility of using cell replacement therapy in clinics. However, the study of genotype-phenotype relationships in ESCs or iPSCs is hampered by the(More)
Human GPKOW [G-patch (glycine-rich) domain and KOW (Kyrpides, Ouzounis and Woese) domain] protein contains a G-patch domain and two KOW domains, and is a homologue of Arabidopsis MOS2 and Saccharomyces Spp2 protein. GPKOW is found in the human spliceosome, but its role in pre-mRNA splicing remains to be elucidated. In this report, we showed that GPKOW(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the regulation mechanism of apoptosis induced by the antisense bcl-2 treatment. METHODS DNA content analysis and terminal-deoxynucleotidyl transferase mediated nick end labeling (TUNEL) were adopted to detect apoptosis. Semi-quantitative reverse transcription-PCR was performed to detect the mRNA expression of bcl-2 c-myc survivin(More)
In this paper, a novel public key encryption scheme for large image is presented based on elliptic curve. As a public key encryption scheme, it does not need to exchange and distribute secret keys. Based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP), the scheme has high security. The simulation results show that the presented scheme is(More)
Haplo-HSCT has been used when HLA-matched siblings are not available. Conditioning regimens aim to reduce tumor burden prior to HSCT and provide sufficient immunoablation. We report the outcome of haplo-HSCT in 63 consecutive patients from 2/2013 to 12/2015 (19 females/44 males) with high-risk or relapsed/refractory hematological malignancies (n=29-AML;(More)
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