Xinhua Zhu

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Agent-based workflow has been proven its potential in overcoming issues in traditional workflow-based systems, such as decentralization, organizational issues, etc. The existing data mining tools provide workflow metaphor for data mining process visualization, audition and monitoring; these are particularly useful for distributed environments. In(More)
Performance and user-friendliness are big challenges for data mining tools. In this demo, we introduced an agent-based distributed data mining platform. User can use it to manage and share the data mining-related resources conveniently. An example is introduced to illustrate how the whole platform works in distributed environment. It has satisfactory(More)
The shortest path between two concepts in a taxonomic ontology is commonly used to represent the semantic distance between concepts in the edge-based semantic similarity measures. In the past, the edge counting is considered to be the default method for the path computation, which is simple, intuitive and has low computational complexity. However, a large(More)
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