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In this paper, we investigated EEG feature in the alcoholics and the controls. Principle component analysis was applied to preprocess the original data to reduce the dimensions of EEG. Wavelet transform decomposed the EEGs into five corresponding frequency bands. Power spectrum was estimated in each band. By comparing the power spectrum of the alcoholics(More)
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a widely used technology about dimensional reduction. Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF), proposed by Lee and Sung, is a new image analysis method. In this paper, PCA and NMF are used to extract facial expression feature, and the recognition results of two methods are compared. We also try to process basic image(More)
To nonstationary characteristics of surface electromyography (sEMG) signals, a novel sEMG pattern recognition method, which is based on wavelet packet transformation and support vector machine (SVM), is proposed. Raw four channels sEMG signals from four corresponding muscles are first analyzed with wavelet packet transformation. And then the energy of(More)
Many practical engineering problems can be modelled as such a class of hybrid dynamic systems, where N plants are controlled by a central controller in sharing time manner. Event feedback strategy is used as the real-time scheduling policy such that one and only one plant among N plants is chosen to be controlled at any time. In this paper, the asymptotical(More)
In order to realize collision warning and avoidance, a robust and real-time dynamic vehicle detection and tracking system regardless of occlusion is required for driver assistant system (DAS). In this paper, a novel classify vehicle tracking method is presented for the DAS, which can be applied to general road condition and the tracking stability under(More)