Xinhai Zhang

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  • Houri Hintiryan, Lin Gou, Brian Zingg, Seita Yamashita, Hannah M. Lyden, Monica Y. Song +4 others
  • 2012
We introduce the first open resource for mouse olfactory connectivity data produced as part of the Mouse Connectome Project (MCP) at UCLA. The MCP aims to assemble a whole-brain connectivity atlas for the C57Bl/6J mouse using a double coinjection tracing method. Each coinjection consists of one anterograde and one retrograde tracer, which affords the(More)
Long-term noninvasive cell tracing by fluorescent probes is of great importance to life science and biomedical engineering. For example, understanding genesis, development, invasion and metastasis of cancerous cells and monitoring tissue regeneration after stem cell transplantation require continual tracing of the biological processes by cytocompatible(More)
Superiorly high photoconductivity is desirable in optoelectronic materials and devices for information transmission and processing. Achieving high photoconductivity via bandgap engineering in a bandgap-graded semiconductor nanowire has been proposed as a potential strategy. In this work, we report the ultrahigh photoconductivity of bandgap-graded CdSxSe1-x(More)
30 preadolescent children with anterior crossbite were selected for the present study. Among them 15 were male and 15 children were female. Their age ranged from 8 to 12 years. The mean age was 10. 8 years. Their perioral forces were measured in the areas as following: the labial and lingual sides of mandibular and maxillar central incisors, the first(More)
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