Xinhai Zhang

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We introduce the first open resource for mouse olfactory connectivity data produced as part of the Mouse Connectome Project (MCP) at UCLA. The MCP aims to assemble a whole-brain connectivity atlas for the C57Bl/6J mouse using a double coinjection tracing method. Each coinjection consists of one anterograde and one retrograde tracer, which affords the(More)
Long-term noninvasive cell tracing by fluorescent probes is of great importance to life science and biomedical engineering. For example, understanding genesis, development, invasion and metastasis of cancerous cells and monitoring tissue regeneration after stem cell transplantation require continual tracing of the biological processes by cytocompatible(More)
Although an increased expression level of XIAP is associated with cancer cell metastasis, the underlying molecular mechanisms remain largely unexplored. To verify the specific structural basis of XIAP for regulation of cancer cell migration, we introduced different XIAP domains into XIAP(-/-) HCT116 cells, and found that reconstitutive expression of full(More)
  • Dejiu Chen, Antonio Maffei, João Ferreirar, Hakan Akillioglu, Mahmood R Khabazzi, Xinhai Zhang
  • 2015
Modern machineries are often cyber-physical system-of-systems controlled by intelligent controllers for collaborative operations on the productions of complex products. To assure the efficiency and effectiveness, a consolidation of concerns across managerial levels, product lifecycle stages, and product lines or families becomes necessary. This calls for a(More)
Malignant glioblastoma is one of the most common malignant tumors in the neurological system. Asterosaponin 1, a new cytostatic agent from the starfish Culcita novaeguineae appear to exhibit various biological activities, including antitumor effect, but the function and mechanism of this new agent on glioblastoma cells has not previously been determined. In(More)
There are plentiful attempts for increasing the efficiency, generality and optimality of the Design Space Exploration (DSE) algorithms for resource allocation problems of distributed embedded systems. Most contemporary approaches formulate DSE as an optimization or SAT problem, based on a set of predefined constraints. In this way, the end users lose the(More)
Superiorly high photoconductivity is desirable in optoelectronic materials and devices for information transmission and processing. Achieving high photoconductivity via bandgap engineering in a bandgap-graded semiconductor nanowire has been proposed as a potential strategy. In this work, we report the ultrahigh photoconductivity of bandgap-graded CdSxSe1-x(More)