Xingzhi Zhang

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As librarianship evolves, it is important to examine the changes that have taken place in professional requirements. To provide an understanding of the current market demand for core competencies of librarianship, this article conducts a semi-automatic methodology to analyze job advertisements (ads) posted on the American Library Association (ALA) Joblist(More)
Point sources in the atmosphere are surrounded by aureole because of atmospheric scattering. The properties of the time-dependent aureole radiance are calculated by use of a Monte Carlo approach and an iterative method. Since the aureole is particularly important in the ultraviolet, which is the region the Ultra-High-Energy (UHE) cosmic ray experiment using(More)
All-optical wavelength conversion is investigated using fourwave mixing in silicon waveguides. The influences of nonlinear losses caused by two-photon absorption (TPA) and TPA-induced free-carrier absorption on the conversion efficiency and phase-matching condition are analyzed. The conversion bandwidth is tempted to enhance by optimizing the waveguide(More)
As the power load forecasting sequence has stochastic growth and nonlinear wave characteristics, grey SVM can effective reflect the growth properties of the sequence and fit the nonlinear relation. Markov chain can easily embody the random characteristic of system by complex factors, so the Markov chain error correction method was introduce in this paper,(More)
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