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The optic disc (OD) is one of the important anatomic structures on the retina, the changes of which shape and area may indicate disease processes, thus needs computerized quantification assistance. In this study, we proposed a self-adaptive distance regularized level set evolution method for OD segmentation without the periodically re-initializing steps in(More)
BACKGROUND Detection of retinal lesions like micro-aneurysms and exudates are important for the clinical diagnosis of diabetes retinopathy. The traditional subjective judgments by clinicians are dependent on their experience and can be subject to lack of consistency and therefore a quantification method is worthwhile. METHODS In this study, 10 moderate(More)
Field Association (FA) terms are a limited set of discriminating terms that offer human knowledge to identify document (text) fields. Field association knowledge base (FAKB) is composed of FA terms and their potential hierarchical relationship of the fields belongs to. The primary goal of this research is to build a system that can imitate the process(More)
Clinic expert information provides important references for residents in need of hospital care. Usually, such information is hidden in the deep web and cannot be directly indexed by search engines. To extract clinic expert information from the deep web, the first challenge is to make a judgment on forms. This paper proposes a novel method based on a domain(More)
From 2009, Ministry of Health in China continues to develop and promote the construction of the residents' electronic health records. The corresponding standards were pronounced by the Ministry of Health. Under the national standards, we developed a resident's electronic health records system. In order to improve effective of medical staff's daily(More)
As regards the application of community residents electronics health record system, there is a question of how to draw the child growth monitoring chart quickly and efficiently, which is also the focus of this research for enhancing residents experience in using the system. The system is combined with the current emerging Ajax and GDI+ technology. The(More)
To extract expert clinic information from the Deep Web, there are two challenges to face. The first one is to make a judgment on forms. A novel method based on a domain model, which is a tree structure constructed by the attributes of query interfaces is proposed. With this model, query interfaces can be classified to a domain and filled in with domain(More)
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