Xingye Zhu

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Location information of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is very important, for it makes information that is collected and reported by the sensor nodes spatially meaningful for applications. Since most current sensor localization schemes rely on location information that is provided by beacon nodes for the regular sensor nodes to locate(More)
For resolving the problem of sprinkle repeated, overtaken and went beyond in irrigation, it is important to research the approach of irregular boundary area. The equation of range and flow for achieving the square and triangle spray were deduced. Pressure is proportional to range. Specific method of changing the sectional area was put forward for achieving(More)
A comparative study of an outside signal sprinkler (OS), a fluidic sprinkler (FS), and an impact sprinkler (IS) was carried out. The OS, FS, and IS were evaluated individually under indoor experimental conditions. Water distribution evaluations were measured under four operating pressures at a 1.5-m nozzle height (above the ground). Approximately 36(More)
The complete fluidic sprinkler was originally created by China. No numerical simulation study in the sprinkler could be found in recent literature research paper The mathematical model for the inner flow of the complete fluidic sprinkler was established using computational fluid dynamics for the first time. The flow-pressure relationship and wall(More)
The Complete fluidic sprinkler was originally created by China. Irrigation uniformity in no-wind conditions was studied in this paper. Radial water distribution for complete fluidic sprinkler type 10 was got by experiment. MATLAB was used to establish computation program to change the radial data into net data. Three-dimensional water distribution figures(More)
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