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A variety of metaheuristics have been developed to solve the permutation flow shop problem minimizing total flow time. Iterated local search (ILS) is a simple but powerful metaheuristic used to solve this problem. Fundamentally, ILS is a procedure that needs to be restarted from another solution when it is trapped in a local optimum. A new solution is often(More)
Open vehicle routing problem (OVRP) aims to design a set of open vehicle routes with the least number of vehicles and the shortest total travel time, for serving a set of geographically distributed customers with known coordinates and demands. In this paper, a new hybrid iterated local search algorithm IVND is proposed for solving the OVRP. The IVND(More)
The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous delivery and pickup(VRPSDP) is a general variant of Vehicle Routing Problem(VRP). Although there is a vast literature related to the VRP, little is dealing with the VRPSDP. In this paper, we propose a heuristic algorithm for solving the VRPSDP, based on the Ant Colony System(ACS). In our algorithm, the classical(More)
It is studied that several constructive heuristics for solving the sequence dependent setup time flowshop problem with the objective of minimizing makespan. Three priority rules imbedded in the heuristics are tested and a tie-breaking strategy is examined. The experimental results on benchmarks show that the priority rules are helpful to improve the(More)