Xingyan Sun

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To solve the complex thrust allocation problems of dynamic positioning ship with azimuth thrusters, the quadratic programming thrust allocation and management system was built. The power optimal thrust allocation was formulated as a quadratic programming problem by the linear treatments of inequality constraints and the optimal solution could be found in a(More)
A dynamic positioning (DP) system is used to maintain a ship on a specified position and at a desired heading. A ship is exposed to the wind, currents and waves in the ocean. In order to counteract these disturbances, the dynamic positioning ship uses solely active propulsion. Since the first-order wave force is too large for the ship's thrust system to(More)
High precision and a good capability of fault tolerant are more and more required for today's dynamic positioning system. In this paper, a new kind of data fusion method is presented for the DP system by using federated filters and Unscented Kalman Filter technique. This method could overcome the single sensor's weakness, and the UKF technique bring the(More)
Horizontal surface DP vessel model, ocean disturbances and J-lay pipeline model are established. Passive nonlinear observer is used to filter high frequency motions and give estimation for immeasurable states. A terminal sliding mode controller is proposed to implement tracking control task, the controller can drive the tracking error to zero rapidly and be(More)
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