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Color information from different color-measuring systems varies during color matching in maxillofacial prosthetics. We studied the hypothesis that a non-contact measuring system and 4 contact color-measuring instruments perform comparably in accuracy and precision on measurements of pigmented maxillofacial elastomer specimens having human skin colors.(More)
More studies showed that as a common disorder in senior population, loss of teeth could adversely affect human cognitive function, and nitric oxide (NO) might play an important role in the cognitive function. However, the underlying mechanism has not yet been well-established. The objectives of this study are to evaluate behavior changes of KM mice after(More)
OBJECTIVES Human skin is multilayered and inhomogeneous and has a partially translucent structure. Since it is not straightforward to quantify the translucency for human skin as it is for translucent materials at a certain thickness, a laser light-diffusing method was developed to quantitatively approximate translucency of translucent pigmented(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Pigmentation and coloration play a key role in fabricating a maxillofacial prosthesis. The addition of pigments and dyes to the maxillofacial material may alter the dynamic mechanical behaviors of the prosthesis, possibly influencing the success of the prosthesis. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Various techniques are used to cement implant-supported restorations. Excess residual cement is a concern. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate 3 techniques for cementing implant-supported restorations. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve crowns and implant-abutment complexes (IAC) were cemented with 3 techniques:(More)
IL-10-expressing regulatory B cells (B10) play an essential role in immune system balance by suppressing excessive inflammatory responses. In this study, we investigated induction of B 10 cell's IL-10 competency in vitro and its effect on ligature-induced experimental periodontitis in vivo. Spleen B cells were isolated from C57BL/6J mice and cultured for(More)
TP63 acts as a master regulator in epithelia development and in the progression of various cancers, but its role in oral cancer pathogenesis remains unknown. This study aimed to explore the role of TP63 in the progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). This study shows that ΔNp63, the predominant isoform of TP63, is significantly upregulated in(More)
  • Jieyun Xu, Jing Hu, +5 authors Xiqiang Liu
  • PloS one
  • 2017
OBJECTIVE Postoperative pneumonia (POP) is common and results in prolonged hospital stays, higher costs, increased morbidity and mortality. However, data on the incidence and risk factors of POP after oral and maxillofacial surgery are rare. This study aims to identify perioperative risk factors for POP after major oral cancer (OC) surgery. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of semiconductor laser irradiation on root canal sealing after routine root canal therapy (RCT). METHODS Sixty freshly extracted single-rooted human teeth were randomly divided into six groups (n = 10). The anatomic crowns were sectioned at the cementoenamel junction and the remaining roots were prepared endodontically(More)
OBJECTIVE Reflectance measurements using a 45 degrees/0 degrees non-contact measuring system provide accurate data for translucent materials, yet the interfacial reflection corrections (IRCs) for Kubelka-Munk theory have not been evaluated using this system. The objective is to determine which IRC method for Kubelka-Munk theory (K-MT) models the spectral(More)