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In order to construct the recombinant plasmid of pIRES-ORF81, the nucleic acid isolated from Koi herpes virus-CJ (KHV-CJ) strains was used as a template to insert the ORF81 gene fragments amplified by PCR into the pIRES-neo, a kind of eukaryotic expression vector. Using Western blotting analysis, it was verified that ORF81 gene protein can be expressed(More)
The yield of triptane from the reaction of methanol with zinc iodide is dramatically increased by addition of phosphorous or hypophosphorous acid, via transfer of hydride from a P-H bond to carbocationic intermediates.
[RhCp*Cl(2)](2) can catalyze the oxidative coupling of secondary isonicotinamides with activated olefins using Cu(OAc)(2) as an oxidant. The selectivity can be controlled by the solvent. In MeCN, the mono-olefination and two-fold oxidation reaction is the major pathway, while in THF this reaction gave mostly diolefination products. In both cases, the(More)
The explosive Koi herpesvirus (KHV) epidemic has caused the deaths of a large number of carp and carp variants and has produced serious economic losses. The mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio var. specularis) exhibits strong environmental adaptability and its primary cells can be used to isolate KHV. This study utilized the tissue explant method to systematically(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the possibility and anatomy landmark of the frontal beak approach of endoscopic frontal sinusotomy to the frontal sinus lesions. METHOD (1)Twenty cases of frozen cadaveric head underwent spiral computed tomography scans. Then data were transferred into the Mimics image workstation to reorganize CT images in the coronal, sagittal,(More)
With the rising of intelligent vehicle technologies, traffic sign recognition become an essential problem in computer vision. Focusing on the traffic sign recognition under real-world scenario, this paper aims to develop novel local feature representation to improve the traffic sign recognition performance. Especially, with the local histogram feature as a(More)
(1) Catalysis-Design of metal catalysts for new organic transformations-Transition metal (rhodium and palladium) catalyzed oxidative CC , CO , and C-N coupling based on C-H activation-Synthesis of heterocycles via metal catalyzed reaction methodologies-Selective activation and oxidation of C-H bonds, oxidation of methane to methanol-CC coupling reactions(More)
Aims. In this work, the main objectives were to investigate the clinical characteristics and bacterial spectrum present in open fractures contaminated by seawater. Methods. We conducted a retrospective cohort study and included all patients with open fractures from 1st January, 2012, to 31st December, 2015, in our hospital. Patients were grouped based on(More)