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  • Xinguo Yu
  • HealthCom 2008 - 10th International Conference on…
  • 2008
Fall detection for elderly and patient has been an active research topic due to that the healthcare industry has a big demand for products and technology of fall detection. This paper gives a survey of fall detection for elderly and patient, focusing on identifying approaches and principles of the existing fall detection methods. To properly build the(More)
This paper first presents an improved trajectory-based algorithm for automatically detecting and tracking the ball in broadcast soccer video. Unlike the object-based algorithms, our algorithm does not evaluate whether a sole object is a ball. Instead, it evaluates whether a candidate trajectory, which is generated from the candidate feature image by a(More)
It is challenging to detect and track the ball from the broadcast soccer video. The feature-based tracking methods to judge if a sole object is a target are inadequate because the features of the balls change fast over frames and we cannot differ the ball from other objects by them. This paper proposes a new framework to find the ball position by creating(More)
Ball locations over frames facilitate tennis video analysis to a great extent. But so far no algorithm is able to obtain satisfactory result in locating the ball in broadcast tennis video (BTV). This paper presents a trajectory-based algorithm to detect and track the ball in BTV. Unlike the object-based algorithm, it does not decide whether an object is the(More)
The ellipse Hough transform (EHT) is a widely-used technique. Most of the previous modifications to the standard EHT improved either the voting procedure that computes the absolute measure function (AMF) or the peak detection of the AMF. However, existing EHTs are not robust for detecting partial slightly-oblique ellipses. This paper presents a Robust and(More)
The ability to acquire the accurate camera matrix of each frame of a video clip is essential if virtual content is inserted into the images in a believable way. This paper presents our system for inserting <i>projected virtual content</i> into broadcast tennis video based on camera matrix acquired. To achieve the accurate camera matrix, we develop a new(More)
This paper presents a robust Hough-based algorithm for partial slightly-oblique ellipse detection in broadcast soccer video. The successful identification of the ellipses will significantly facilitate soccer video analysis. The existing standard and various modified ellipse Hough transforms measure a cell in the Hough space as though the ellipse defined by(More)