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New lanthanide silicates based on anionic silicate chain, layer, and framework prepared under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.
Three new lanthanide silicates were synthesized by using a high-temperature and high-pressure hydrothermal method and their structures determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction revealed anionic silicate chain, layer and framework, which are further connected with LnO(n) polyhedra to form novel lanthanides silicate frameworks.
NaEu3(GeO4)2(OH)2: A High-Pressure-Stable Photoluminescent Lanthanide Germanate
The europium germanate NaEu3(GeO4)2(OH)2 was prepared under mild hydrothermal conditions. In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis and photoluminescence spectroscopic measurement in a diamond
Study on new copper-containing SOFC anode materials
Synthesis and Pressure‐induced Reversible Phase Transition of a Crystalline Solid Europium Germanate NaEuGeO4
The crystalline solid europium germanate NaEuGeO4 was prepared under hydrothermal conditions. The in-situ photoluminescence spectroscopic measurement and the synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis in
New Lanthanide Silicates Based on Anionic Silicate Chain, Layer, and Framework Prepared under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Conditions.
The crystal structures of the new lanthanide silicates (III), (VI), and (VIII) with novel three-dimensional frameworks are determined by single crystal XRD.
NaEu3(GeO4)2(OH)2: A High-Pressure-Stable Photoluminescent Lanthanide Germanate.
The title compound is hydrothermally synthesized from a mixture of Eu(NO3)3, GeO2, NaOH, and H2O (autoclave, 230 °C, 7 d).