Xinguang Peng

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It is certain that cloud users are eager to ascertain where their sensitive data are stored. Misplacing the data probably divulges secret information. Therefore, researchers have designed mechanisms of geolocation of cloud data to allow cloud users to get geolocation of cloud data. However, to seek an approach to seeing through frauds is still a challenge.(More)
In 2011, Kumar et al. proposed an efficient password authentication scheme using smart cards to overcome the security flaws in Liao et al. scheme. However, in this paper, we point out that Kumar et al.’s scheme actually has various defects been overlooked, such as no provision of forward secrecy, poor repairability and practicality. More recently, Ramasamy(More)
Current research on scheduling of workflow applications in Cloud environment is main focused on the trade-off between the execution cost and time of a task. However, unlike traditional scheduling, there are other important requirements to be taken into account. One such a requirement is trust scheduling, namely selecting trustful compute resources and data(More)
The concept of the unidentified pattern comes from theoretic analysis of pattern space and experimental analysis of pattern distribution. The fuzzy mapping algorithm has been specially designed for the mapping of the unidentified pattern according to the clustering principle of normal and abnormal pattern in the normal and attack period of time. It provides(More)
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a key component designed to enable computers achieve greater security. Several vulnerabilities discovered in the TPM highlight the necessity of formal analysis. The procedure invoking an API may be regarded as several interactive processes between the TPM and a user. As a result, the current study formalized the API(More)
In order to save storage space, the data collected from body area networks can be stored in a third party. However, this may bring security problems. The common method is encrypting data before outsourcing. In this paper, we design a role-based access control scheme (RACS) used in the cloud. Firstly, we classify the data which are collected from body area(More)
To find out the evidence of crime-related evidence and association rules among massive data, the classic decision tree algorithms such as ID3 for classification analysis have appeared in related prototype systems. So how to make it more suitable for computer forensics in variable environments becomes a hot issue. When selecting classification attributes,(More)
Anomaly detection of privileged programs is one of the most important means to ensure the security of collaborative services. The concept of the short sequences on the context dependency has been strictly defined, which as the computation foundation, can be introduced into the anomaly detection of privileged programs providing collaborative services. The(More)